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Immigration Law
For individuals and families seeking to immigrate to Canada: We believe most applicants may not require legal assistance when there is no apparent medical, criminal, or security issue, or any complicated immigration situation such as a previous visa application that was refused. We generally recommend saving resources by not engaging counsel to take complete carriage of an immigration matter. In the majority of cases, the website system maintained by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration should provide the information required to obtain or confirm status in Canada. You may obtain professional assistance for your application, at a reasonable cost.  

See our FAQ page and Express Entry page for suggestions on how to reduce the cost for legal services in immigration matters.  We provide legal advice regarding corprorate-related immigration matters. 
Canadian Cannabis and Drug Laws - Administrative Law
For those seeking assistance with Canadian cannabis and drug law issues, please e-mail Jennifer Tobe: jtobe@canimmigrate.com.

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